My client wanted to use the Exchange rules as a tactic to accomplish a specific goal. His accountant said it couldn’t be done. John said it could be done and documented his position with written proof. You have to appreciate a response like that.

Dan Sinclair, Esq. Gurnee, IL
Jun 5, 2023

Most practitioners only encounter Exchanges periodically. When they do, they need someone who can provide understandable and useful advice. I rely on John to fulfill that need.”

Rendle Jones, Esq. Camden, ME
Jun 5, 2023

In Chicago, there are many properties that present exchange opportunities, so I need intermediary services on a regular basis. I’ve done more than 18 of them, in fact. John is always responsive and has the right answers.

Jerry Haderlein, Esq. Chicago, IL
May 26, 2023