Why Are You Leaving Serious Money on the Closing Table Every Time You Have a Starker Exchange Transaction?

With Attorney 1031, A Significant Referral Fee Recognizes and Rewards Your Meaningful 1031 Exchange Contribution.

Are you an Attorney who periodically does 1031 Exchanges? Then you need to discover a better way to do them. A paradigm is a perception of how we see things. Attorney 1031 represents a “paradigm shift” from what an Exchange Service has been – to what the Service ought to be by recognizing and rewarding your important role. Now you can choose a more financially satisfying option with a $500 Referral Fee.

Unless you’re doing a significant number of Exchanges each year, it doesn’t make sense for you to try to become an expert. It’s a poor use of your valuable time. You need a relationship with a savvy, experienced practitioner who can “cut to the chase” and provide you with answers and strategy in plain English. Textbook knowledge of the rules and regulations is not a substitute for decades of practical, real-world Exchange knowledge and experience.

Then add to this a relationship that combines your economic interest and the best tax interests of your Client. Attorney 1031 is a 1031 Exchange Service run by attorneys – for attorneys.

Read the sections of this Website and learn more of the details of how a relationship with Attorney 1031 will help you do more 1031 Exchanges and become the “go to” Exchange resource in your marketplace.

Every sale that is not the Seller’s personal residence is a potential Exchange

Meet the Founder

John Galley


For decades, John Galley was a licensed Real Estate Attorney in Illinois and Wisconsin. He is a cum laude graduate of Dartmouth and received his law degree from IIT/Chicago-Kent College of Law.

A Starker Exchange legal writing assignment in law school marked the beginning of his interest in 1031 Exchanges. And this eventually led to the formation of his 1031 Exchange Qualified Intermediary Company.

Specific Exchange Credentials

  • Has acted as a Qualified Intermediary for decades doing thousands of 1031 Exchanges.
  • Schooled by the two lawyers who wrote the 1991 Exchange regulations for the IRS and Treasury Department.
  • Charter Member of the Midwest Chapter of the national Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA).
  • Faculty for State Bar CLE presentations.
  • Exchange Presentations on behalf of eight State Bar Associations.
  • Featured Exchange Presentations at several American Land Title Association (ALTA) annual conventions.
  • Consultant and Expert Witness for 1031 Exchange lawsuits.
  • Published Exchange Articles in Title News (the official publication of ALTA), the Illinois Real Estate Journal, the Maine Lawyers Review, the Maine Business Monthly, and a published interview in Lawyers Weekly USA.


My client wanted to use the Exchange rules as a tactic to accomplish a specific goal. His accountant said it couldn’t be done. John said it could be done and documented his position with written proof. You have to appreciate a response like that.

Dan Sinclair, Esq. Gurnee, IL
Jun 5, 2023

Most practitioners only encounter Exchanges periodically. When they do, they need someone who can provide understandable and useful advice. I rely on John to fulfill that need.”

Rendle Jones, Esq. Camden, ME
Jun 5, 2023

In Chicago, there are many properties that present exchange opportunities, so I need intermediary services on a regular basis. I’ve done more than 18 of them, in fact. John is always responsive and has the right answers.

Jerry Haderlein, Esq. Chicago, IL
May 26, 2023

Administrative Details and Trustee Bank Overview

Administrative Details & Trustee Bank Overview

An Exchange has two major events. The first is the Closing for the Exchanger’s sale of what is called “the relinquished property” – to be followed in time (no more than 180 days) by the Closing of the Exchanger’s purchase of the “replacement property”. A significant set of paperwork is necessary for the first Closing – and a smaller set for the second Closing. And in between these two events, the sales proceeds are held “in trust” for the Exchanger with an Exchange Trustee Bank.

When you have an Exchange assignment from a Client, you will need to fill-out an Exchange Information Sheet for the first Closing (which we will provide) and return it to Attorney 1031. (A similar procedure will be necessary for the second Closing.)

ALL of the necessary paperwork will then be custom-drafted by the Attorney 1031 team and distributed to all necessary parties for each transaction. A cover letter will describe exactly how to process the paperwork for each Closing – and the funds from the first Closing.

Your Exchanger will have a separate, sub-account within the Attorney 1031 Master Exchange account at the Trustee Bank. Individual Exchanger Funds are never co-mingled with any others.

To maximize Money Safety, we use a “dual signature” procedure for the transfer of any monies out of the Exchanger’s sub-account. One signature is on behalf of Attorney 1031 (thus eliminating any issue of “constructive receipt” for your Client). And the other signature is someone designated to sign on behalf of the Client. The identity and confirmed signature of this person is provided to the Trustee Bank and is unknown to Attorney 1031. We will provide you with the form and instructions on how to do this. No monies can be transferred anywhere without this procedure having been initiated and completed. So bottom-line; you and your Client must know and approve of ANY transfers of money.

Seize the Opportunity

An Offer You Shouldn’t Refuse

If you keep doing what you’re doing – you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. And when it comes to being recognized and rewarded for the important role you play in a 1031 Exchange for your Client, right now that is basically nothing.

Now you have a better option when you affiliate with Attorney 1031. You can receive a significant $500 Referral Fee and “real-world Exchange coaching and mentoring” from an experienced practitioner with decades of Exchange experience doing both Exchanges and their underlying sales and purchases.

When it comes to choosing a 1031 Exchange service provider for your Clients, you have choices. So why not effectively chose yourself IF you have a relationship with Attorney 1031? (This is not unlike the relationship attorneys have in many jurisdictions where they have become title agents – and have learned to place a necessary title order with themselves.) Both you and your Clients will benefit.

A BONUS For Responding Now

You could just wait to contact us until you encounter your next Starker Exchange opportunity. But we would like to speak with you now – answer any questions you might have about our Service – and tell you more about what we will be doing for you and your Clients.

To encourage that response and dialogue, we are offering you a special BONUS Report on what can be the single most important thing you can do for your law firm marketing. It is something only one in a hundred attorneys are likely to know about and implement. But it can be transformational.

Let’s Talk Turkey

If all of this sounds good to you (and it should), then we need to talk “one-on-one” to discuss details – and answer any questions you may have. Be the “early bird” who gets a head-start on becoming the “go to” resource in your marketplace for helping people most effectively do a 1031 Exchange. Start making your law practice more profitable with your very next Starker Exchange.

What should you do next?

Simply email [email protected] with the subject headline, Attorney 1031 – include some suggested times we can talk – and a best phone number to reach you. We will get right back to you in a timely manner.


Five Sound Reasons To Affiliate With Attorney 1031

  1. You will have a profitable niche in the Real Estate World.
  2. You receive experienced, real-world 1031 mentoring.
  3. You receive a practical 1031 Exchange Manual written in plain English – not Legalspeak.
  4. You have a fool-proof Client Exchange account that you control.
  5. You will be in the 1031 business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Email: [email protected] to take the next step to a better 1031 Exchange experience for you and your Clients.

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