Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Our dynamic marketing game plan is arguably the most important part of what you will receive as a Title Agent 1031 affiliate.

Marketing is the engine that drives any business. But not all marketing is created equal. Some are done far better than what is simply ordinary, and this difference can make all the difference in the world when it comes to results and benefits for the business owner.

Some services are very generic. This means that, at their core, all those in this field are essentially doing the same thing when it comes to performing the actual service. The 1031 exchange business is a perfect example of this. Although some may try to argue otherwise, they are only fooling themselves. Over time, all serious practitioners of 1031 exchanges have become very good at the core competence of what they do, and with rare exceptions, they market themselves similarly to one another.

You could take most 1031 Exchange Q.I. websites and switch around the names and places of business, and anyone other than those who were very familiar with them would be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

Exchange companies may engage in blog campaigns, active and updated websites, webcasts, trade shows, conferences, educational seminars, email newsletters, PR strategies, re-branding, and re-messaging. These are pretty common tactics, but frankly, they are mostly “nibbling at the edges”. None of these really offer a compelling difference. Anything less leaves you “doing the dance” with everyone else, and at the end of the day, you'll have very little to definitively show for all the effort you’ve made.

The lesson to be learned is that when engaged in a generic activity, it makes it that much harder to differentiate your service and be favorably noticed. This leads to an important marketing principle. The more similar the service, the more important the differences. Therefore, the challenge for a generic service provider is to seize upon some demonstrable difference that matters to the target audience. So in a mature service industry, the goal is to find out what you can do to stand out and cause prospects to choose you instead of a competitor.

In the exchange world, "gatekeepers” (those in a position of influence who can direct a taxpayer to a specific service provider) are the ones to whom you must make your compelling, differentiated appeal. Do this successfully, and you will increase your share of 1031 exchanges

The marketing game plan you will receive as a Title Agent 1031 affiliate will have several effective “tools” for you to use, and it will include a point-by-point, “paint by the numbers” approach to having gatekeepers choose you over your competitors. But what is most important is our differentiator, which you will learn about when you become an affiliate.

How do we know this works? The founder of Title Agent 1031 was a solo practicing lawyer for many years. By himself and without the benefit of affiliation with a title insurance company, he built his own 1031 Exchange Q.I. business to many 6-figure multiples and sustained this success over many years. He began slowly, but when he hit upon a concept that would become his meaningful differentiator, his 1031 Exchange business exploded and allowed him to earn a handsome living from this source alone.

“John has more good marketing ideas in a week than most attorneys have in a lifetime.”

Mark DeRue, Esq.- Lake Villa, IL

When you use our compelling differentiator and learn the details of its proper deployment, you too will experience remarkable 1031 Exchange success for your title agency. Contact us today to start your marketing plan. 

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