Partner Today for Greater Recognition and Profits

Partner Today for Greater Recognition and Profits

Every major title underwriter has its own captive 1031 exchange company. Why? The answer is simple. They are profitable! An underwriter is likely capturing your 1031 business by default. You send them your 1031 business because, without obvious alternative options, it seems like the easiest thing to do. And what is your reward for sending them this valuable business? Perhaps a perfunctory “thank you” – or at best, a “basket of fruit” at Christmas time – if you’re lucky.)

Now there is a better, more financially satisfying option. You can affiliate with Title Agent 1031 to create your own “in-house” 1031 Exchange capability and business and retain these profits for yourself.

Affiliating with Title Agent 1031 is like having a franchise, with all of the benefits one associate with that relationship but without the expensive upfront cost.

As with a franchise, you essentially receive “a business in a box” that has all of the important components you will need. (Title Agent 1031 is an Exchange Services support company.) This relationship avoids the problems and challenges of building your own 1031 business from scratch and figuring out how to drive business to it. And it also allows you to get “up and running” faster and earn profits sooner. You could be doing this with your very next 1031 exchange.

This new “stream of income” for your title agency can help smooth cash flow in slower business cycles and become “frosting on the cake” in better times. Either way, this is a positive result.
Read the sections of this website and learn more about the details of how a relationship with Title Agent 1031 can increase your bottom line by six figures and more. You will be in the profitable 1031 exchange business for yourself, but not by yourself. It's the best of both worlds!

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