Maximize Your 1031 Exchange Transactions With Us

Maximize Your 1031 Exchange Transactions With Us

If you are an attorney who periodically does 1031 exchanges, then you need to discover a better way to do them. A paradigm is a perception of how we see things. Attorney 1031 represents a “paradigm shift” from what an exchange service has been to what the service ought to be by recognizing and rewarding your important role. Now you can choose a more financially satisfying option with a $500 referral fee. With Attorney 1031, a significant referral fee recognizes and rewards your meaningful 1031 exchange contribution.

Unless you’re doing a significant number of exchanges each year, it doesn’t make sense for you to try to become an expert. It’s a poor use of your valuable time. You need a relationship with a savvy, experienced practitioner who can “cut to the chase” and provide you with answers and strategies in plain English. Textbook knowledge of the rules and regulations is not a substitute for decades of practical, real-world exchange of knowledge and experience.

Then add to this a relationship that combines your economic interests with the best tax interests of your client. Attorney 1031 is a 1031 exchange service run by attorneys for attorneys.

Read the sections of this website and learn more about the details of how a relationship with Attorney 1031 will help you do more 1031 exchanges and become the “go-to” exchange resource in your marketplace.

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